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    City & Regional Planning

   Urban Design & Architecture

   Development strategies  


   Knowledge Forums

   International development

   Port-city development

   & Coastal Management



Dr. Roudaina Al Khani Welcomes you to the practice!


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Visions Book coming soon!


We develop value-based projects and solutions suitable to your needs

 We offer research-based consultancy in integrated multidisciplinary sustainable development, urban and regional planning, urban design and architecture to local governments, ministries, private sector consultancies and NGOs . 

We help you develop concepts, strategies, plans and projects with great sensitivity in response to your challenges while benefiting from your unique potentials.


We work strategically to create more liveable and economically viable cities and regions that are environmentally aware, resilient, smart and innovative, sustaining their resources in urban, rural and natural areas. Our plans and projects help creating high quality urban spaces - enjoyable places for people, with identity, memorable narratives and sensitive architecture. Our projects are curated and developed in dialogue with all partners and the community bringing knowledge and creativity together!


With our expertise, we also support you in developing assessment and monitoring planning tools, and in capacity building. 


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