Roudaina Al Khani chaired planning sessions at the 15 World Conference on Port Cities, Rotterdam. 5-

Port of Rotterdam - Photo: R. Al Khani

We had a very successful and an agenda-setting 15 World Conference on Port Cities in Rotterdam on the 5-7 October. It was great to moderate the two days sessions for Joint Planning Strategies with my colleague from Rotterdam City, Senior Urban Planner Walter de Vries. Over 45 countries participated with several hundreds of participants and with close eyes on ports and port cities development from around the world and across cultures. We have reached great outcomes that would hopefully help the port cities in establishing more informed strategies. The conference was organised in Rotterdam by the World Network on Port Cities, The City of Rotterdam and the Port of Rotterdam. We look forward to continuing the debate at the coming 16 World Conference in Quebec in 2018. See you there!

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