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About Platforms


Platforms for sustainable cities and regions delivers consultancy in urban and regional planning, architecture and urban design to a wide range of public actors, including local governments and ministries, architectural and engineering consultancies, development actors, international aid-organisations and non governmental organisations.


Platforms was founded in 2015 in London, United Kingdom, as a limited company by architect, urban and regional planner and development consultant Roudaina Al Khani.


Platforms delivers research-based consultancy based on a culture of innovation, sensitivity and originality from Scandinavia, Europe and the Middle East. It promotes innovative and cross-sector solutions with focus on sustainability, integrated development and strategic thinking.


We work with you to create urban neighbourhoods, cities and regions with healthy, inclusive, dynamic and fulfilling environments. We deal sensitively with your urban spaces, culture and resources, and believe that enjoyable neighbourhoods for all are essential for good life quality. We believe that prosperous communities, where everyone is valued, and dynamic local economies lead to prosperous societies and national economies.


Platforms takes its starting point in the local values, narratives and potentials of communities and works for enabling visions and reinforcing capacities. Platforms aims at creating platforms for dialogue, sharing and innovation around each project and at growing together with its partners.


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