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Since its establishment in summer 2015, Platforms has been actively working on interesting projects of great impact.


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Sustainable Cities Lab for Saudi women architects and planners


16 - 19 th January, London & Oxford


Platforms designed and organised this important knowledge and interactive Lab in London and Oxford in collaboration with Arab Urban Development Institute AUDI, University of Westminster, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies and a group of high-level professionals from leading consultancies and academics from the UK and KSA, including Atkins, Aecom, Prince Sultan University, Dar El-Hekmeh University and others. The Lab has been an innovative knowledge forum gathering Saudi and UK participants from several organisations to discuss the implementation of KSA Vision 2030 and the future of Saudi Cities exploring highly debated issues as sustainability, resilience, wellbeing and community involvement.


Building a strong women academics and professional network around the development of cities was one of the targets of the Lab.


The outcomes of the insightful discussions are being gathered in a Visions Book coming soon!

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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Sustainable Riyadh, August 2015


Client: Saudi Green Building Forum


Our proposal for establishing a sustainable development strategy for the City of Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia submitted to the Saudi Green Building Forum is aimed at transforming Riyadh into an environmentally sustainable city that is both economically viable and socially inclusive. Riyadh city spaces and their liveability are part of this strategy proposal. The strategy is aimed to develop a new approach to planning since earlier city planning in Riyadh did not reflect great awareness of sustainable development goals at the city scale. At the same time, it aims at capitalising on on-going efforts towards green buildings and sustainability and on current infrastructure projects while involving the community.




Amman – a Resilient City, July 2015

Client: 100 Resilient Cities Programme


A draft for a cross-sector integrated strategy that addresses challenges in Amman, the capital of Jordan and aims at developing it into a resilient city. It aims at capitalizing on on-going local and international efforts and identifies some of the outstanding challenges in alignment with the goals of the 100 Resilient Cities and its City Resilience Framework.

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