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Since its establishment in summer 2015, Platforms has been actively working on project proposals and international bids in collaboration with highly renowned academic and professional organisations. This includes the following:


Riyadh, King Fahd Road - Photograph Ammar Shaker

Operation of the Covenant of Mayors Office (COMO) - Support services. Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy and IUC Programme.

Call for Tenders, European Commission, 2016

Client: European Commission as part of the GOPA Consortium



Riyadh, King Fahd Road - Photograph Ammar Shaker


EU Observatory of Energy Poverty -  Call for Tenders, 2016

Under the Pilot Project "Energy Poverty – Assessment of the Impact of the Crisis and Review of Existing and Possible New Measures in the Member States"

Client: European Commission


Bid prepared as part of GOPA Consortium's bid to the European Commission.

This task aims to increase the understanding of the level of energy poverty and effective and cost-efficient ways to tackle it. There is need for a platform to provide accurate statistics and analysis of the level of energy poverty, as well as, to exchange good practices and research. The European Economic and Social Committee argued in favour of a European energy poverty observatory which could "determine common European indices and indicators which would serve as parameters for the Member States in defining energy poverty so that their national characteristics are taken into account".


Riyadh, King Fahd Road - Photograph Ammar Shaker

King Fahd Road - Photo by Ammar Shaker

Saudi Arabia

Strengthening City Knowledge for Sustainable Urban Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

- Call for Proposals, 2016

Client: Arab Urban Development Institute, commissioned by UN-Habitat, Ministry of Urban and Rural Affairs, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Bid prepared by University of Westminster, UK and Platforms for sustainable cities and regions and Professor Patrick Wakely. The goal is to support KSA in building a knowledge base on the state of cities, sustainable development and prosperity, and in establishing the urban and national observatories as a background for planning reforms in the Kingdom. The work includes capacity building of Saudi cities, preparation of Prosperity Reports for selected cities, including among others Riyadh and awareness building regarding sustainable urbanisation and planning approaches.


Completed Proposal approved by the UN-Habitat office. Project postponed.


Dariyah Riyadh, Google maps

Deriyah, Riyadh - Google Maps

Saudi Arabia

Support to Urban Planning Reforms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Urban Design Reforms, 2015


Client: UN-Habitat and Future Saudi Cities Program, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Call for Proposals


Proposal prepared by University of Westminster, Platforms for sustainable cities and regions ltd, Professor Patrick Wakely, Barton Willmore Consultancy and Arab Urban Development Institute. The goal is to support KSA in building a national level sustainable urban development policy with a holistic approach guiding sustainable development in environmental, social, economic and cultural terms. The policy reform aimed at enabling a better coordination between public and private stakeholders and paving the way towards civil society participation and more awareness.

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