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Holbæk Kommune

Holbæk Kommune, Denmark

Earlier projects and consultancy


During her career, Roudaina Al Khani worked on a broad range of projects at the city and regional levels and offered consultancy at the national level. Her work load at each position contained a number of connected projects dealing with different sides and levels of planning challenges. This has given a unique depth and understanding of the mutal relationship between national and regional level planning and local level reality. Here you can see some of the projects she worked on as a consultant or a planner in different organisations in recent years.

At the regional level
  •      Holbaek Government Kommune Plan, 2013
Main Structure of the Regional Plan for Holbeak Region, Holbæk Kommuneplan 2013-25. Holbaek Kommune, Denmark. Link 
  •      The Syrian Eastern Region, 2011 
Establishment of a Guideline Strategy for the Development of the Syrian Eastern Region with focus on cross sector development and sustainability. Consultancy and report to Ministry of Presidential Affairs to be shared with other concerned ministries, Syria.
Chaired and moderated a minister-level and government workshop dealing with cross sector challenges in the Eastern Syrian region, here under agriculture, climate change, health, education, urban and regional development and economy. Moderation of cross-sector negotiations and compiling of results that are to be used as guidelines for further ministry work.
  •      Harbourfront Redevelopment in North Europe in a regional perspective, 2007         
An important focus of my Ph.D. research, which dealt with Copenhagen, Oslo, Gothenburg and Amsterdam was the role of the new harbour areas (development corridors) in regional development and space economy and assessment of regional planning approaches to revitalisation and investments. Development and sustainability in broad terms and environmental management are important component of this research.
  •      Damascus Metropolitan Area Planning, 2010 - 2011
Feedback and guidance to the local and international teams working on Damascus Master Plan and the Region of Rif Damascus on behalf of the Ministries of Presidential Affairs and Local Administration. My Focus was placed on sustainability and in coordinating visions, strategy development, spatial planning and cross-sector development in the framework of a comprehensive strategy for Greater Damascus.
  •      Books of Conditions - Planning in the regional local governments 2010
Advisory/Guidance to TERCON company, government consultant, in relation to the establishment of Books of Conditions for planning in the Syrian Northern governorates based on strategic and sustainable planning approaches. 
  •      Regional Planning Law 2010
Assessment of the Regional Planning Law proposal and feedback in relation to the establishment of regional planning activity in Syria. 
  •      Damascus Metropolitan Area, 2008 
Comment to Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA’s study on Urban Planning for Sustainable Development of Damascus Metropolitan Area in the Syrian Arab Republic - Final report, March 2008, RECS International, June 2008. Comments submitted to GTZ and furthered to the (Syrian) Ministry of Local Administration and Environment.
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