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What we do

We provide research-based planning consultancy based on sustainability and integrated holistic approaches. 

Our services cover all aspects of development, planning, assessment, management and capacity building at the national, regional and urban levels. We offer consultancy services to the following organisations:

Local Governments & Planning Organisations

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Private organisations & Consultancies

Academic Organisations & Research

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Academic & Research Organisations

Local Government
Services to Local Governments and Planning Organisations
  • Drafting and assessment of national urban policies and strategies based on cross-sector, sustainability and holistic approaches. 

  • Strategic spatial development planning at the city and regional levels

  • Establishing city plans and masterplans based on sustainability, strategic thinking and multidisciplinary approaches

  • Expert reviews of master plans and multidisciplinary project proposals. Assessment of implemented urban projects

  • Planning and urban design for neighbourhoods and urban space. Place-making

  • Developing, facilitating and finalising regeneration and revitalisation strategies

  • Strategies for informal settlements based on sustainability and participatory, integrated holistic approaches

  • Coastal management strategies

  • Development of sustainability strategies and sustainability planning tools

  • Analysis/SWOT of the state of cities and regions, including for example urban growth, the quality of public spaces, health in the city, urban-nature relationship, inclusiveness, accessibility, service delivery and city management 

  • Community engagement strategies and management

  • Assessment of planning frameworks, including legal and administrative settings and planning approaches

  • Assessment of governance frameworks

  • Assessment of synergies between urban development goals across sectors and different government levels

  • Formulation of planning systems and planning regulations

  • Market analysis, for example, for housing and creative industries
  • Programme and project management and tools

  • Quality and impact assessments

  • Planning bids 

  • Research on best practice experiences related to buildings, urban design, planning, sustainability, smart city and management

  • Research-based lectures, the arrangement of targeted debates, think tanks and tailored capacity building

How would we work with private consultancies?
We can help you benefit from our services to establish:
  • Multidisciplinary research-based analysis as a background to your projects

  • Feedback on your projects and project assessment focused on sustainability and holistic approaches

  • Partnering with you around projects and supporting you through sub-contracting

  • Tailored and interactive capacity building workshops

How would NGOs benefit from our services?
The world is witnessing the growing activity of development NGOs that are greatly interested in improving the conditions of communities but need a proper framework for their involvement and knowledge of the planning settings and how they can make a greater impact.
We can help you to benefit from our knowledge and services offering you:
  • Support consultancy
  • Research-based analysis of the condition of youth, women and children in urban and rural areas

  • Art and City Making 

  • Coordination of NGOs' involvement in local development and in cultural, health and environmental projects

Private Organisaions
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