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Our vision


A world with sustainable cities and regions supporting prosperous and happy communities with sensitive environments where resources are managed and shared with care.



Mission and Values


We offer research-based consultancy to local governments, ministries, private sector consultancies and NGOs in integrated multidisciplinary development, urban design, architecture, and urban and regional planning focused on sustainability.


We help you develop value-based concepts, strategies and projects with great sensitivity in response to your challenges while benefiting from your unique potentials. We work strategically for more livable, economically viable, environmentally aware and innovative cities and regions that sustain their resources in urban, rural and natural areas. Our projects help creating urban spaces that are enjoyable places for people, with identity, memorable narratives and sensitive architecture. 


Our work is based on a culture of innovation, sensitivity and originality from Scandinavia, Europe and the Middle East. We promote innovative and cross-sector solutions with focus on sustainability, integrated development and strategic thinking. Our excellent and leading technical and professional standards are informed by the last new and what makes biggest impact for the resources. We hope to be part of a community of planners and architects looking for more qualitative environments and suitable policies.


We lead our projects in close dialogue with you and all partners and the community.


With a professional background in both the urban and regional planning sectors, in architecture and the development/ngo sectors, we highly appreciate soft values in communities and place people and their happiness at the centre of each action.


Sustainable cities and regions planning consultancy team.

"We work open-mindedly     towards the best option"

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