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Sustainable Cities Workshop - University College London, Green Economy Society

In my workshop on Sustainable Cities, which will be held in University College London on the 3rd of December 2015 as invited by the Green Economy Society, GEUCLU, we will discuss values related to sustainable development and challenges facing cities and communities.

Crowds in Brick Lane

This multi-disciplinary workshop that invites students across UCL departments gives space to explore recent UN sustainable development policies and strategies and to take up some examples from city development strategies in the UK and North Europe. The students will work in groups to brainstorm on projects they are working on in terms of their contribution to sustainable development (environmental, social, economic and cultural) and related governance, and in terms of gaps and challenges confronted. We will take up questions as Sustainability, Smartness and Resilience in relation to each other and we will explore some available assessment tools and get a feel of the extent we can apply them.

This practical exercise will be placed in a theoretical approach to normativeness and in relation to the conditions that prompted integrated and sustainable development thinking.

It will be an exciting exercise for us all enabling an in-depth reflection on sustainability goals and practice on the ground and will train the students to be thoughtful about the contribution of their future projects and strategies.

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