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Roudaina is moderating an AIVP Webinar on Blue & Sustainable Port Cities - 30 March 2022. Join us!

Dr. Alkhani is honoured to moderate an innovative AIVP (Worldwide Network of Port Cities) webinar on 30th of March at 16:00 CET on how to promote Blue and Sustainable Port Cities. The AIVP is organising this webinar to start exchanging on this topic which will be at the center of the 17th World Conference Cities and Ports in May 2022 #AivpWorldConference

✅Sign up to this online webinar for free:

📍30th March 2022, 16:00 CET

The Urgency of Climate Change, the implementation of the SDGs and Green Recovery calls us to rethink the continuity between the Green and the Blue ecosystems and economies on different scales. The port cities and their actors (port and city authorities, businesses and communities) have a significant role to play in ensuring a green Blue Growth at all scales aiming at:

- Sustainable development, adaptation and management of coastal areas and their complex natures.

- Innovative solutions for decarbonised logistic chains and port cities, building on alternative fuels and electrification of infrastructure, Sustainable maritime transport, coastal and marine renewable energies and digitalisation.

- Preserving healthy, green and marine ecosystems.

- Promoting inclusive environments and blue economies.


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