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Following up on Cop28 - What role for the UK?

Between critique and promise, Cop28 has undoubtedly revealed the vast gaps and the discrepancy between where the different nations are from the Paris Agreement, their visions and where we need to be to close climate gaps. There is an apparent gap in leadership, including the absence of a clear UK role, as stressed by Professor Petra Minnerop, Durham University, in a conference by the Westminster Energy, Environment and Transport Forum on the 31st of January 2024.

The conference addressing the role of the UK Post Cop28 highlighted the insufficiency of current legislation, including the need to update the Climate Change Act (Amy McDonnel), provide just transitions beyond energy transition and look carefully at energy and food production systems. Shadow Minister Kerry McCarthy highlighted the need to set up policy priorities about delivering a green economy, a clear industrial strategy, and the need for government investments to provide investors with certainty and clarity. The conference also highlighted the importance of establishing domestic arrangements for preparing the NDCs while implementing early warning systems.

The UK can, for example, play a leading role in retrofitting, where over 70% of properties use gas for heating.

This complexity draws attention to challenges facing developing countries and postwar institutions - without them, the Global Goals cannot be reached. It highlights the importance of ensuring international aid and capacity-building support.

By Roudaina Alkhani


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