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Roudaina organises a major session on Climate Change at Innovate4Cities Conference12 Oct 21

Dr. Alkhani organised a major session at the global conference Innovate4Cities on behalf on UN-Habitat's initiative Planners for Climate Action groups P4CA presenting her Integrated Approach to Planning and Governance of Climate Change drawing on her research and teaching as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster. Several of the modules she teaches focus on Sustainability, Climate Resilience and Low Carbon Cities in neighbourhoods/councils along the Thames River (Brentford, Deptford and Medway Council). This important conference session involved highly esteemed colleagues from research and practice in an insightful discussion on Climate Change. The outcomes provided input to COP26 reported by Prof. Barbara Norman from the University of Canberra, Australia. Thanking our colleagues for their great contribution.


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