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Platforms responds to The Neighbourhoods for Generations' Idea Competition, Denmark, Feb 2023

We were thrilled to submit our proposal for the Neighbourhoods for Generations' International Idea Competition December 5 2022 - February 17 2023, responding to the Danish National Building Fund's open call for ideas to address challenges in post-war non-profit housing areas in Denmark. Our entry, prepared by a multi-generational team, proposed a targeted and forward-looking approach and strategies to revitalise these areas into sustainable, integrated and adaptable neighbourhoods for generations capitalising on a set of critical values. The proposal included an Integrated Neighbourhood Toolkit with carefully and evidence-based identified strategies and guidelines. We showcased the powerful potential of these strategies and the toolkit by applying them to the Høje Gladsaxe housing area, including an innovative urban design strategy applied to the site while respecting its cultural context. We aimed to maintain the continuity in the innovative history of these areas, which were initially designed by leading architects of the time based on healthy principles with access to air and sun to respond to postwar welfare and values. Our proposal, therefore, builds on sustainability principles, which will be a source of pride and an opportunity for positive and transformative change.

The winner entry will be exhibited at the UIA World Congress of Architects in Copenhagen in July 2023.

@ Platforms


Plan and perspective drawing by Platforms

Image Høje Gladsaxe housing area at the outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark: Wikimedia


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