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Roudaina moderating a key session at AIVP 17 World Conference on Port Cities, Tangier, May 2022

Dr Roudaina was happy to participate in the 17th World Conference Cities and Ports in Tangier 'Inspiring Blue Futures' on 11-13 May and moderate the session 'New Port City Interface - Rethinking the Waterfront and Valorizing the Maritime Identity'.

The port and city interface is a very complex and multilayered issue. The session, which dealt with the port-city interface at the waterfront, reinforced the importance that ports and cities collaborate around sustainable projects aiming to strengthen both; the port and the city, rethinking activities that can cohabit together rather than separate, and discussed related challenges and potential solutions.

The session presented the ports' and cities' efforts, plans and various approaches ranging from large-scale holistic, sustainable adaptations of coastal lines to more focused strategic interventions, the inclusion of innovative buffer zones, and meanwhile uses and shared spaces that city residents enjoy. The presentations demonstrated several aspects of how these multi-scale spatial interfaces are being thought to benefit the cities, the ports, the inhabitants, and visitors.

The session addressed the new maritime identity of the port city, which is not only about the vital reuse and adaptations of marine structures, but also about making the residents familiar with the port heritage, the port activities, and spaces. It is also about developing new cultures around the sustainability of our shores and waterways, in thinking, for example, circular and climate-resilience approaches and collaboration to promote green and Blue Futures and deliver the SDGs.

The session gathered highly-esteemed presenters/panelists:

James Kelleher, Dublin Port Company

Imad Barrakad, Chairman of the Board, Moroccan Society for Tourism Engineering

Angel Pulido, General Manager Autoridad Portuaria de Sevilla

natalia urriza, Consorcio de Gestión del Puerto de Bahía Blanca

Cato Johansen, Plan Chef Port of Oslo


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