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State of London Debate with Mayor of London, 29 June 2023

Dr Alkhani participated in the Mayor's debate on the future of London, which took place in Indigo at the O2. The debate touched on key issues for Londoners, where access to affordable housing and the climate were two major issues Mayor Sadiq Khan focused on. The Mayor raised the option of a freeze on rent levels/regulation of the rental market given the inflation that placed great strain on Londoners, and his deputy highlighted that more funding from the government for affordable housing was necessary. The massive impact on health and well-being and kids' education was acknowledged. In parallel, the evident link between deprivation, poverty and violence was highlighted as a social-economic issue to be addressed. This demonstrates how differently local authorities would prioritise policies. As a post-debate reflection, more thought should be given to addressing and connecting places in London to promote social, economic and environmental sustainability.


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