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Roudaina Al Khani participated in a panel debate on the Politics of Architecture

Roudaina was greatly happy to give a talk on "Sustainable Urban Activism" in the Symposium Politics of Architecture at the University of Westminster, London. Roudaina took her starting point in some of her city planning projects in 2010-2011 in the city of Aleppo in North Syria, where she targeted an integrated, participatory concept for the revitalisation of informal settlement areas to be developed and implemented in the framework of a flexible process and flexible innovative project management across all governmental levels and uniting the efforts of local and international actors, civil society and the residents. The Architecture Society who arranged the Symposium invited her to participate afterwards in a panel debate on the role, level of involvement and impacts of architects and on the definition of the profession and the goal of architectural education. The panel and audience reflected on different local/UK and international contexts. Thanks to Nouha Hansen and Laylac Shahed for arranging the Symposium.

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