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Voices from Syria

Roudaina was greatly honoured to talk at Voices from Syria event at Queen Mary University of London on the 31st of January as invited by the organisers: the QMBL Syria Solidarity Society, Queen Mary Amnesty International Society Barts STAR, Queen Mary Unicef Society and Queen Mary Oxfam Society. The event was aimed at raising awareness of the harsh stories and struggles which inevitably accompany the life of many hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees in their search for safety.

Roudaina talked about the importance of Joining efforts towards more help to Syrian refugees and to containing the Syrian crisis. She emphasised the importance to help Syrian refugees to get decent entry to their new communities, to demonstrate to them that life and human rights matter and to give them hope. She highlighted "the Syria crisis is no longer only a Syrian question, but it is a principal question about our shared human values, our world democracy and our capacity and shared responsibilities to help and protect the lives and rights of millions of people, of millions of children, women and men.

Here you can download Roudaina's words:

On the event

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