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Thames Estuary 2050 Charrette

Our Director of Architecture Nouha was delegated by University of Westminster where she prepares her Masters in Architecture to attend the Thames Estuary 2050 Charrette on Friday the 10th of March. The Charrette was arranged by the Thames Estuary Growth Commission which prepares a vision for the Thames Estuary.

Nouha participated in exploring new ideas as input to the Thames Estuary Vision. The debate looked at major trends influencing growth in the area as to globalisation, move towards sustainable development and transition to smart development and smart solutions, which prompt the creation of new businesses and a change in the way activities and communities are organised. The participants were divided in five working groups to explore the potential of the Estuary to develop into a global trade hub that can at the same time be a model for sustainable living and the role of the Estuary as a flag ship in environmental sustainability. They also explored a strategy for the Estuary to thrive in the new digital economy and its economic potentials as part of both the River Thames growth corridor and the Eastern development arc. Improving connectedness at the urban and regional levels was underlined as an important condition for the development and prosperity of the area.

Map: BBC - Radio4

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