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How can a more aware involvement of the private sector in city development close climate gaps?

'The Sustainable Development Goals and the Climate Agenda have placed great emphasis on collaborative frameworks and the private sector’s crucial contribution to closing the climate gap in terms of investment and leadership in innovation. However, there has not been a concise follow-up and assessment of the private sector’s practical involvement and contribution, whether policy and legislative frameworks and planning approaches are suitable to enable this involvement, and who would lead in delivering the climate agenda locally...' (Alkhani, 2020).

Read Roudaina Alkhani's full article in Sustainability journal, MDPI, addressing this gap and reporting on case observations regarding the delivery of climate interest and sustainability through urban development in two leading cities; London and Copenhagen.

Among the issues that the article addresses are the effectiveness of strategies by public agencies such as city governments to incentivise private actors, the strength of planning approaches and the necessity of creating an information base addressing the life cycle of development projects at all scales and business processes and comparing their impacts.

Alkhani, R. Understanding Private-Sector Engagement in Sustainable Urban Development and Delivering the Climate Agenda in Northwestern Europe—A Case Study of London and Copenhagen. Sustainability2020, 12, 8431.

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